Coaching Services

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One on One Coaching

Real Coaching for the athlete serious about their training. All coaching is 100% customized to the athlete. Every athlete is different. Different background, resources, key races and goals at those races. Stand alone plans and standardized “methods” just don’t work.  Every detail will be looked at and considered. Training zones, workouts, perceived exertion, life/ work sch. background, goals, etc, so we are on the same page and our time together will be of the highest quality and the most effective. Other aspects of your life will be gone over as well. Training must fit into your life not your life around the training. Some items that may be included in your training are:

    *** Availability: Subject to athlete. Please contact me for a free consult.

  • An initial consultation, fitness and back ground assessment
  • Detailed monthly program, updated daily if needed, depending on life schedule, performance, and feedback from athlete.
  • Unlimited contact and customization of training.
  • Physiological testing
  • Heart rate and power training- data driven results
  • Access and use of ALL our partners and sponsors
  • Race-day execution prep, and joint attendance when possible

Cost: Varies with each athletes needs. Please contact us for a consult. (12 month verbal commitment)

Interested athletes contact me for a free consultation

Consultations, Custom Training Plans and Performance Director Services

Testimonial: Ryan Vachon

“I have long thought that I understand how to best use my body to give the best bid at climbing routes that I deemed as hard. If logic is what you know, and intuition is molded by past experience, EK Endurance Coaching completely put me on a game changing path of self growth.
The logic and intuition from my past was fine, but at 41 years old the landscape of my personal performance is still expanding and I am crushing in the mountains harder than I ever could have imagined. This could not have been done with out Eric trumping my logic and intuition with tactics well beyond what was my spectrum, and unquestioning belief that I can accomplish my goals.”

My intensive consultations can be for a team or individual athlete.  This is also a great option for “non traditional” athletes. While I am known for my work with road cyclists, triathletes and  long distance runners, I have also worked with groups headed to the Himalayas for climbing expeditions, technical ice and rock climbers, randonee ski racers, rowers and more.
Consultations can be used to design a  custom training plan as well. Fees for this service are billed by the hour and include a 30 minute follow up four to six weeks later for athlete re-assessment and questions.  These can be used for an individual or a group.  Consultations can include any specific areas or a wide range including but not limited to:

  1. Training periodization (long and short term)  for an event or a season.
  2. Specific /key training sessions or a complete training plan for your event.
  3. Data analysis of past races and training.
  4. Nutrition for race day or training.

The athlete or team will have a clear and complete understanding of their path to ideal preparation.  Contact me for availability and costs.

Contact Me for details on performance Director services. Working with your team or club to meet its big picture goals. Local race series, racing tactics, etc. Services can include.

  • Group coached training sessions
  • Technical seminars and clinics
  • Team tactics
  • Season mapping of focuses races, goals, etc

Cost: please contact Eric to discuss your needs, cost and scheduling.