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Getting Back on the Bike

Its May and races are starting. However, many of you are way behind in training and the thought of a race makes you shake your head. ”there is now way I am ready to race right now.”  Heard that before. There are plenty of legitimate reasons for being is this situation however, the question is,

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How Oreo cookies and a meat stick won the 2014 steamboat stage race.

In the fall of 2014 Chris Carr and his Denver fit loft cycling team won the Steamboat stage race in dominating fashion. This, seemingly text book win, looks quite different when you read the following pages. I have had the privilege of coaching and racing next to Chris since 2009 and throughout that time I

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How to Train your Lactate Threshold without ever working at Threshold

              Break that FTP plateau! Some athletes thrive on these workouts and can perform them better than steady efforts at 100% of threshold. Other suffer like never before. There is a reason weight lifters do many different types of chest exercises, all chest workouts are not created equal. Your

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